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E-Qube Acceleration Program

Power to innovation

E-Qube Startup & Idea Challenge. Pre seed funding up to 120.000 €

We are looking for tech and digital projects with a priority in 9 areas of interest:


Smart Cities Solutions

Advanced technological solutions within the context of urban development policies.


Retail Energy & Fintech

UX-UI based platforms for managing smart objects, payments, contracts and customer relations (management).



Solutions for smart mobility and energy storage.



Data transfer protocols, cryptographic systems, cybersecurity, data management platforms.


Energy Efficiency & Mobile

Energy efficiency solutions (products or services).


Internet of things

Internet of things, extension of internet to objects and real places.


Machine Learning & AI Solutions

Optical character recognition, computer vision and data analytics to be directly applied to the Energy and Utility industries.


Marketing & Communications

CRM systems, marketing analytics and marketing automation tools, ad-tech projects.


Sharing & Circular Economy

Exchange and sharing of goods (material assets), services or expertise (knowledge).

Who can apply?


With a working prototype


Early stage and with a strong digital backbone


Willing to start a new venture and academic spin-off

What we require

24/7 Commitment and physical presence at Nana Bianca in the 4 months of acceleration

Willingness to collaborate with Estra bringing new technologies and Business models in the energy & utility sector

Up to 15% Equity fee – accordingly to the growth stage and evaluated on a case by case basis. The program does not necessarily include an equity fee

Apply to e-qube

Our goal is to attract and enhance digital stars. Do you want to enter the gravitational orbit of Nana Bianca?